The Banyan Tree – a Long Maui Christmas Tradition

Banyan Tree pic
Banyan Tree

Eric Krautheimer is a Los Angeles-based professional who currently works at Sullivan & Cromwell as a corporate lawyer focusing on mergers and acquisitions. A family man, Eric Krautheimer travels to Maui every Christmas with his family.

Maui is a popular tourist destination during Christmastime and is known for its nice weather and its unique traditions. One Maui Christmas tradition that persists to this day is the lighting of the Banyan tree.

Located in Laihana, the Banyan tree is perhaps the most famous landmark in the town. It was planted in 1873 by Sheriff Smith to celebrate the fifty-year anniversary of the arrival of the first missionary. From an 8-inch seedling, the tree has now grown big enough to cover a great portion of an entire acre.

Every year, the Banyan tree is decorated with 6,500 Christmas lights and remains lit during the entire Christmas season, usually from December 5 all the way to January.